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The Event Horizon of Awful Things

Field sound recordist and P.A.'s needed for feature length documentary

Hello, all. I'm Dan Seitz, producer and director of a documentary about Pandemonium Books, a bookstore in Central Square specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and roleplaying games. They've got a twenty year history and right now they're struggling, and the goal is to capture the community around the store and some of its history.

Pay: Strictly volunteer. I'm paying for this out of my own pocket and the proceeds will go to the store. However, any expenses incurred during the course of working on the production will be comped, so it won't cost you anything except time and will be a great resume line.

Schedule: We begin filming in early March. It will be nights and weekends, and a mixture of interview filming and on-site filming. It should be about two to three days a week from early March through April.

What's expected?: Field sound recordist will be expected to have some familiarity with digital audio recording on a flash-card recorder (Marantz) and field sound mixing for film. Production assistants will log tapes, have releases signed and in order, assist with gear set-up and take-down, and will have other duties; if you want to start learning about filmmaking in an "on-the-job" environment this will be a great place to get that.

Anybody who signs up is expected to be on time and to return phone calls/emails.

Can I use this for class credit?: That's obviously going to depend on your professor, but give me their contact info and I'll be more than happy to talk to them about the project to see if it fits their requirements.

Who are you?: I'm a grad student at Emerson College; I've made four feature-length projects on digital video. My third film, "Devotion", was screened at the Vermont International Film Festival; my fourth film, "Dual", is currently being distributed by Braun Media in Southeast Asia on a VOD platform, and I'm currently in the process of preparing it for self-distribution in North America. You can see my IMDb page here:

Please contact either via my LJ or via my email (also in my profile) :
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