Overstim (overstim) wrote in tttufts,

Condo for sale or rent in medford

Hey, selling my condo in south Medford. 2 bed, 2 bath, all modern appliances. Washer/dryer in unit, building has a pool, gym and raquetball. Its within walking distance of the meadow glen mall busses, and Wellington Orange Line. Also like a 2 minute drive from Tufts.

We are also considering renting it. I didn't feel like posting on the rentals section on Craigslist because every time I do, I get 100 emails from people wanting to know how close it is to Maine, or if I would cut my price to $5 a month, or if they can sniff my hair. But YOU guys, YOU guys I can trust.

$1400 a month with 2 parking spaces. Or $299,000 if you're looking to buy.

But enough of that, get your details here:  http://web.mac.com/overstim/
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